What is eBay API ?

The eBay API is for interacting directly with the eBay database. The communication occurs over the Internet in the XML format. Using the API, the application can provide a custom interface, functionality and specialized operations that is not otherwise afforded by the eBay interface.

Integration in summary makes you understand that you can manage you online store and eBay store now at once.

eBay store holders now can quickly and easily import their products and categories from their eBay store to their own eCommerce system.

Now you can synchronize your eCommerce system and eBay store at once. We are happy to introduce NEPSOL as most result oriented eBay API integrator in Nepal.

Why eBay API Integration ?

What can be done with eBay API by the developers ?

  • Display eBay listings.
  • Get high-bidder information for sold items.
  • Get the current list of eBay categories.
  • Leave feedback about other users when finishing a commerce transaction.
  • Retrieve lists of items a particular user is currently selling.
  • Retrieve lists of items a particular user has bid.
  • Submit items for listing on eBay.
  • View information about items listed on eBay.

So you have a online store ? or planning to open a eBay online store then we can help you with the API . We will not only integrate the eBay API, but also make you understand to use it .

So we are here to help you with :

eBay API Integration and  Consulting

We also provide Google, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook , Amazon , LinkedIn, E-commerce APIs, Payment Gateway (eg. Paypal and Credit Card) API Integration Services in Nepal. API Integration and Development Nepal and we provide you support on how to use.

Open eBay Store in Nepal

Now you can open a eBay store from Nepal. It doesn’t need you to have a website. You  must have online payment system like PayPal or  card to sell the products in eBay creating a online eBay store. You can add products and manage categories in eBay store.

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NOW Integrate you eBay store and Online Store (your eCommerce System).